DME Aerosol in terms of import phase-out program started supply of DME to a Russian vendor of aerosol paints “Polikhim-Voronezh”. A reminder: dimethyl ether is a well-known product for European PWM vendors, and at the same time it is new for Russia and CIS, which was earlier imported in small amounts only. Use of DME as a propellant for aerosol paints facilitates improvement of finished goods properties thanks to its main advantage – solubility. Since DME is both a propellant and a solvent, finished aerosol product features the following:

  • quicker drying due to quick evaporation;
  • minimization of leaks and streaks;
  • finely-dispersed spraying;
  • forming a uniform crack-free film;
  • smaller consumption;
  • flavorless.