In October, DME Aerosol LLC took part in the conference arranged by PCAR “Cosmetic Industry: A Look into the Future” with the report: “DME. Concept of Analogues Substitution. Aspects of Implementation in Process”. Advantages of using DME in the production of aerosol household chemicals and cosmetics were mentioned in the report. Dimethyl ether offers the formulator a wide spectrum of possibilities: the solvency power towards polymers, the best spray dispersion, the compatibility with other solvents and propellants and its water miscibility are welcome advantages.

 The advantages of DME use:

  • perfect solvent for hairspray polymers ensuring fine dispersion of propelled product;
  • high compatibility with hydrocarbon propellants (propane, butane, propane/butane, pentane);
  • the highest water solubility;
  • no odour.

More than 600 specialists from Russian and foreign companies producing, developing, distributing and evaluating the quality of perfume and cosmetic products and feedstock visited the conference.