DME Aerosol within the framework of participation in conference “Cosmetic Industry: Look in the Future”, organized by RPCA, prepared information for producers of goods for household chemistry and cosmetics. For the recent 10 years consumption of DME in Russia increased by 280%. Before До 2019 it used to be a propellant market that was 100% import dependent. With the advent of Russian production of DME further growth of demand is expected in the segments of perfumery (deodorants, hair sprays), household chemicals (air fresheners) and repellants.

Phase-out of imported DME has economic and logistic advantages.

Changeover for DME instead of propane and butane mixtures for producers of household chemicals and cosmetics is determined by unique properties of the product: solvency in respect of polymers, compatibility with other solvents and propellants, high solubility in water and absence of flavor.

Dimethyl ether is non-toxic for consumers, does not affect the environment, which conforms the norms of current state ecological policy in Russia.