In mid-September 2019 DME Aerosol took an active part in the 5th international specialized exhibition  Import Phase-out in Moscow, having reported on the topic “Import Phase-out in Propellant Market. Experience of DME Aerosol on the Example of Dimethyl Ether” in the framework of the conference “Import Phase-out in Chemical Industry: Implemented Projects and Measures of Support”.

In the framework of the event took place the international forum for import phase-out “Russian Production in the Focus of the National Projects”, during which were discussed achievements and problems of business in support of the national projects. The discussions were participated by heads of authorities, specialized ministries and establishments, regional leaders.

«To solve the tasks for improvement of competitiveness of our economy it is required to switch from import phase-out policy to import independence strategy. This does not presume any isolation or self-restrictions. On the contrary, import independence must serve as a systematic mechanism of industrial policy, which will allow in the shortest time to ensure production of globally competitive products. It is not only about import phase-out, but import advance of highly technological foreign products for increase of export share of Russian highly technological products and services. The national projects are an efficient tool for the prospective changeover for such import independence strategy”, – said the deputy of the State Duma and the coordinator of the federal party project “Locomotives of Growth” Denis Kravchenko, which in the framework of the business program acted as a moderator of the session “Russian Production in the Focus of the National Projects”.

As far as dimethyl ether is concerned, which until 2018 was 100% import dependent and constituted a little over 6 th. t. per year, with the advent of Russian production, an increment of market capacity by 12 th. t. per year is forecasted mainly due to positive import phase-out, as well as substitution of utilized propellants (Analysis of DME Aerosol).