In 2019, DME AEROSOL LLC (Shchekino) and PRESTIGE-HOLDING (Kamensk-Shakhtinsky) concluded a long-term contract for dimethyl ether supply.  Now, after making the tests, mastering the process, the paint and varnish holding offers a new aerosol product to the consumers based on the advanced scientific achievements in the world.

Advantages of aerosol enamel:

  • fast dry-out
  • radiant gloss
  • smooth adherence
  • cost effectiveness.

In nowadays world practice dimethyl ether is widely used as a propellant for aerosol paints. Notwithstanding the fact that dimethyl ether is more expensive than hydrocarbon propellants – propane and butane, its use can contribute to improvement of the product properties for comparable prices. This can be mainly achieved by virtue of the one of the major advantages of dimethyl ether – its solvency power.

Aerosol paints in cans are universal solution to paint wood, metal, concrete and other surfaces. Use in the different areas – in construction, machine building, auto customizing, decoratory arts and in everyday life.

Aerosol paint consumption is 150 g/m2, 1 can for ~ 3 m2.

DME AEROSOL LLC is a Russian producer of aerosol-grade dimethyl ether in the center of Russia.

PRESTIGE-HOLDING is a modern innovative enterprise in southern Russia producing paints and varnishes and packing.