DME project: commissioning works – end of June

DME project: commissioning works – end of June

Shchekinoazot management had a meeting with РСС SE, business partner of the chemical company jointly with whom the project of high-quality dimethyl ether is being implemented.

The participants of the meeting visited the construction site and had a look at the progress of construction and erection works and current status of the construction facility readiness.

Partners to the JV exchanged their opinions on the further steps of work on registration of dimethyl ether in REACH system to ensure possibility to export the product to EU countries.

Shchekinoazot management and РСС SE discussed logistics concepts of DME Aerosol LLC operation which will allow to provide DME consumers with the high-quality product regularly and smoothly. Within the framework of this job on the first stage of activity of the company the site will be taken on lease in Russia for temporary storage of tank-containers with product. The decision is made on necessity to create such site in the JV structure. The partners also discussed options to use the similar container terminal in Eastern Europe and prospective logistics schemes of the product delivery to the European Union countries.

The parties also discussed the current competitive environment in the market of DME producers in Russia, mentioned the advantages of DME Aerosol regarding provision with methanol – feed for DME production, regarding integration of DME plant into the existing infrastructure of Shchekinoazot, in the quality of the final product – dimethyl ether of aerosol grade, in geographic location of the new plant.