Ready for supplies to Europe

Ready for supplies to Europe

The companies participating in the chemical products sales on the territory of European Union know firsthand the Regulation №1907/2006, better known as REACH.

REACH Regulation implicating Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals entered into force on the 1st of June, 2007.

As the main objectives of this legislative act, its drafters mention protection of the environment and health of EU population, assurance of safety chemical products turnover on the territory of EU countries, as well as incentive of alternative methods of substance hazard assessment and scientific researches aimed to study of impacts on wildlife and human beings.

Fulfillment of the Regulation requirements is a compulsory condition for chemical substances sales on the EU territory.

DME Aerosol LLC did not stand back either, because in the coming years we are planning to export about 65% of the production scope of the company to the countries Eastern Europe.

In 2018, dimethyl ether produced by DME Aerosol LLC underwent a number of tests in one of the European laboratories and was successfully registered according to the REACH Regulation requirements.

PCC Trade & Service GmbH (Germany) acts as the Only Representative of the company.