Sustained Quality of Dimethyl Ether is Ensured

Sustained Quality of Dimethyl Ether is Ensured

The production plant of high-quality dimethyl ether was started-up to be commercially operated in December, 2018. Since December 17, 2018 the company has reached the sustained product quality.

According to the approved company’s plans, pursuant to the Contract for Basic Engineering, in May, 2019 the performance tests of DME plant were carried out at the industrial site under the supervision of Thyssenkrupp Uhde (Licensor) representative for the purpose to confirm the consistency of quality of the ether produced irrespective of the set capacity.

The test run was made in several stages in different conditions with a set design capacity, with measurement of feed flow and check of instrumentation performance.

The methanol flow measured for production of 20,000 t DME, as well as registered utilities consumption, comply with the values set forth in the Contract for Basic Engineering. The product quality is confirmed to be sustained at the different levels of capacity.

The qualitative characteristics of dimethyl ether are as follows:

 Contracted ValueMeasured Value
Puritymin. 99.99%>99.99%
Methanolmax. 1 ppm< 1 ppm
Sulphurmax. 1 ppm< 1 ppm
Watermax. 50 ppm< 20 ppm
Non-Volatile Mattermax. 10 ppm< 10 ppm
Paraffins C3 - C4max. 50 ppm< 30 ppm