Starting from May 2021, 100% of the electricity consumed for DME Aerosol LLC is obtained from the supplier of “green energy” – PJSC “Fortum”. DME production plant is a joint venture of the Russian chemical company JSC Shchekinoazot and the German group of companies PCC SE, and the first enterprise at Shchekinoazot industrial site that has completely switched to the use of renewable energy sources (RES).

RES – natural sources of energy that exist in the biosphere of our planet and are constantly replenished due to natural processes.

– In recent years, humankind has fully realized the need to switch to renewable energy. And it is not just about the depletion of traditional sources and the economic benefits of individual energy projects. At present, the negative impact of anthropogenic factors in all parts of the world is becoming more pronounced, “shares his opinion Pavel Ostapchuk, General Director of DME Aerosol LLC.

Green energy is a truly unique direction of generation that allows to get “clean” energy from natural renewable sources – sun, wind, water, and even in the most remote corners of the country and around the world, while preserving the ecology of the planet. It is this type of generation that advanced companies around the world are looking at.

– Our main partners-consumers of dimethyl ether are the world’s largest corporations that produce a wide range of consumer products: all types of household, cosmetic and medical aerosols, construction thermal insulation, sealing foam and glue, aerosol paints and much more, – continues Pavel Ostapchuk. – One of the priorities of the responsible approach to business is a striving to have a greater impact on the future of our planet. And we, as a part of sustainable development of cooperation with our partners, fully support the desire to have a positive impact on limitation of global warming. Our contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions includes improvement of our own energy efficiency and reduction of related emissions by replacing traditional sources with renewable energy sources. In connection with this, since May of this year, 100% of the electricity consumed by DME Aerosol LLC is supplied from renewable sources.

Understanding the global nature of the problem of environment preservation, DME Aerosol LLC strives to take a direct part in the global strategy of favorable climate impact. The company is constantly looking for new solutions aiming to climate neutrality and reducing the carbon footprint in the production process.