Administration and amenity building, external process plant, warehouses for dimethyl storage are being erected simultaneously. Tanks for the product storage have been already buried in the ground according to the design pursuant to the industrial safety requirements. Tanks for feed – methanol – are outside, on the ground. The equipment is put on the workplaces nearly in the full scope, the process piping installation is in progress. Pipes are installed on the racks as well. The scope of the forthcoming work is still big but the plant already gets certain outlines and shapes.

Today is the most favourable period for the training of personnel that will operate and maintain DME plant. Now there is a possibility to see its internals, all the details still known in the theory, in the diagrams. The time of chemical plant construction from zero is the most interesting for chemists, process and mechanical engineers. Not at each chemical enterprise the specialists can observe such process in its full detail.

In April after the column pressure testing the trays are to be installed into DME distillation column. The licensed equipment is fully manufactured in Germany and our partners watch closely the construction progress, the process of erection of critical parts.

Theoretical training of personnel is at full speed. The training of operators for DME plant takes place in the central control room of hydrogen plant – automated control processes are similar in principle. The mentors – experienced production workers – teach the youth.